About Us

Mission Statement

Arbutus Sounds Chorus, located on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, is a diverse group of committed, fun-loving women of all ages.

We are united by a love of singing a cappella four part harmony within the circle of friendship.

We strive for musical excellence by building individual and ensemble singing skills through education, rehearsal and community performance.

It is our vision to enrich the lives of our members and audiences inspiring all with our love of singing.

About Barbershop

You’re probably familiar with men’s barbershop quartets. Women’s barbershop has the same four parts: bass, baritone, lead, and tenor, but in a smaller range (yes, the men go lower AND higher!).

Songs arranged for barbershop singing are distinguished from other choral arrangements by the use of a specific set of chords, the smoothness with which words flow from one to the next, unique timing, and the dynamic changes from soft to loud within phrases. All songs are performed “a cappella” — no accompaniment, and no sheet music!

Arbutus Sounds practice and perform a wide variety of musical selections, ranging from classic old ballads to modern movie themes, from upbeat jazz arrangements to swingin’ gospel tunes. We are constantly adding new songs to our repertoire. Plus, every winter we bring out a selection of Christmas music arranged with a barbershop twist, for seasonal performances.

Rehearsal locations and times

We are located on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, accessible from Vancouver via a 40 minute scenic ferry ride. Rehearsals take place every Tuesday evening from 6:45 to 9:15pm at Roberts Creek Elementary School (Music Room) for most of the year, and in Davis Bay when school’s out. We meet year-round except for summer and Christmas breaks.

Several times throughout the year we host coaches for local weekend workshops that focus on taking our vocal and performance skills to the next level and perfecting our competition songs.


We have 25-30 members from Langdale to Halfmoon Bay, ranging in age from early twenties to 70+, from a wide variety of backgrounds and vocal experience. About half of us can read music (not a requirement as we have learning CDs/downloadable tracks for all songs in the repertoire). New members always welcome!


There are several unofficial quartets within the chorus who perform in the community and at chorus special events. We encourage the formation of new quartets at any time.

Our director

Our new director is Connie Johnston, who previously sang baritone with the chorus for many years. She then became assistant director to Deb Sneddon, who is now happily back singing lead since passing on the baton to Connie.


The chorus performs in the community throughout the year at various events, both public and private. Every year we sing several times at local nursing homes. Some years we offer singing Valentine-O-Grams to the public. We have been putting on our own shows several times since March 2010 and will continue to do so. Performances blend singing with costumes, makeup and some choreography to add visual excitement.